Working, Together: Some Collaborations

Two important collaborations published this month with poet and translator Theodoros Chiotis: a prose (poem) entitled "fri_01" in the wonderful magazine aglimpseof 13, which is one of the most gorgeous print objects I've held in my hands; and a long poem "Thixotropic Tarot" in Shearsman 97/98, alongside a host of awe-inspiringly brilliant writers such as Denise Riley, gathered by guest editor Kelvin Corcoran. I've also being collaborating on the editorship of a crucial online activist anthology, Against Rape, hosted on Michelle McGrane's Peony Moon. Michelle and I collaborated on an introduction/manifesto, and you can read my contributed poem, "Phylactery," on today's post. It's powerful material: please read carefully (with care for the texts, and for yourself as a reader). For sooth, head over to Visual Verse, a new collaborative project from Preti Taneja, where writers respond to a visual prompt. "Shell Key" is the fifth poem in the launch issue.