Three from the new issue of Horizon Review

I've got two essays -- on Salt's Earthworks series and Ruth Padel's Darwin: A Life in Poems -- and a sexy sequence of three sci-fi prose poems in issue three of the magnificent Horizon Review, which ushers in October splendidly by almost capping the tally of four pieces in October's Sight and Sound (two reviews, and an interview with Agnès Varda split into two sections... S&S are a bit rubbish at putting their material online, so I can only link to the Birdwatchers review). Things really seem to be kicking off with the writing (although I've probably jinxed matters by stating the good news in public) (and hopefully unjinxed them by making the jinx explicit)! On the less good side, this means I have five deadlines to produce ten thousand words by the end of the month.