Summer Events: It's going to be EPIC

Things are looking busy, with a combination of readings, screenings and global feminist revolution -- including running the awesome Raising Films crowdfunder to change the film industry for working parents. You can find me this summer at the following:

Weds 12th August: in discussion about women in film at Screen Social: W=M, Book Club, 7 pm

Fri 21st August: in discussion with Lynne Segal, Emma Dabiri and Clarissa Jacob at She's Beautiful When She's Angry (Mary Dore) screening, Rio Cinema, 6.30 pm, part of the London Feminist Film Festival

Sun 6th September: reading poetry at Cabaret Noir, The Central, TORONTO, 5-8 pm

Sat 12th September: reading poetry with Tonya Foster and Elizabeth Treadwell at Berl's Poetry Bookstore, NEW YORK, 7 pm