The Size of a Song & Other Stories We Tell

Catechism: Poems for Pussy Riot, the Saboteur award-winning anthology, continues to inspire: most recently, an invitation to write about poetic activism for Soundings. The resulting essay, "The Size of the Song," can be read in this month's issue. Offline version only, but do support this important journal as a space for alternative thinking and culture. Fit to Work: Poets against Atos also appear, with an introduction to the project and portfolio of poems.

Changing the story in other ways, I've had a busy Sight & Sound summer, taking on a spectrum of attempts on women's lives in Frances Ha, Pussy Riot: A Punk Prayer, Call Girl, Much Ado About Nothing and Stories We Tell. I've got a feature on Jem Cohen's wonderful film Museum Hours and his art of disappearing in the September issue (offline only again, alas).

And there are some updates from the Archive: Fluxus fun with the question "Is this a poem or an NSA keyword list?," and some thoughts on promiscuity and joy in the archives.