Sight & Sound, Sea Pie & Citron: A Late Summer Publishing Fea(s)t!

Three much-anticipated collective enterprises reached publication this month: the new-look Sight & Sound (complete with new digital archive subscription), wherein I contributed to the Greatest Films poll (only one of my picks, Meshes of the Afternoon, made the top 100), as well as reviews of Circumstance, Step Up 4, and the marvellous Tate TanksSea Pie: A Shearsman Anthology of Oystercatcher Poetry, edited by Peter Hughes, with excerpts from my Oystercatcher chapbook Kiss Off; and The Cinema of Me: Self and Subjectivity in First-Person Documentary, edited by Alisa Lebow, which includes my essay " 'If I Am (Not) For Myself' " on Michelle Citron, which started as a conference paper way back in 2007… Thanks & congratulations to all the editors, publishers and contributors for keeping (it) going, and to readers for supporting small press and independent publishing.