Separation @ BFI: Q&A with Jack Bond

I'm introducing Separation and hosting the Q&A for it next Tuesday, 14 July. I've been asked because I wrote a brief essay for the BFI's DVD release of The Other Side of The Underneath, the ground-breaking "lost" feminist film by Separation's star, Jane Arden, It's the first time I've done a Q&A and I'm pretty nervous, especially as Separation is a crazy (and wonderful) film: it "concerns the inner life of a woman during a period of breakdown - marital, and possibly mental. Her past and (possible?) future are revealed through a fragmented but brilliantly achieved and often humorous narrative, in which dreams and desires are as real as the 'swinging' London (complete with Procol Harum music and Mark Boyle light show) of the film's setting." So come swing and ask the film's director Jack Bond some searching questions.

You can book online here or by phone on 020 7928 3232.