John Kinsella's Armour & Happy Birthday, New Queer Cinema!

A brief snapshot of recent writing -- all over the field, as ever. Starting with pop culture, I've reviewed two films due out this Friday (26th April) for Sight & Sound (in the May & June issues respectively): documentary Being Elmo and superhero caper Avengers Assemble,  which Muppet and Whedon (and me) fans will be unsurprised to hear are both an aesthetic and political cut above the mainstream. Getting more avant-garde, I celebrated New Queer Cinema turning 20 with a lecture (well, more a rambleture with jokes) on its history at the splendid Fringe! festival, at a screening programmed by Club des Femmes. And further still into alternative culture, a review-essay on John Kinsella's T.S. Eliot prize-nominated-and-withdrawn-from-for-sound-ethical-reasons-or-it-would-have-won-for-sure new collection Armour, in the magnificent Wolf magazine, which celebrates a decade in print this year. So cake all round!