Thanks to Wayne Burrows of Staple for the invitation to read at Lumen (and thanks to Ruth O'Callaghan for hosting us: some of her translations of Mongolian poets appear in BRAND 6 -- another excellent reason to border a copy), and for this review of the event:

"Last night, finding ourselves facing a stained glass window, with a large wooden crucifix high on one white wall, we listened to Sophie Mayer intoning a very vivid invocation of Robert Mapplethorpe’s (in)famous photograph of an impish Louise Bourgeois toting her phallic sculpture Filette like a handbag. That’s certainly something you wouldn’t get anywhere else, the kind of moment that might make even Ken Russell do a double-take, and it will now swim into my mind every time I read that particular page in Mayer’s excellent Shearsman collection, Her Various Scalpels."

There's a pic of the late and loved Louise Bourgeois with the full post -- Wayne is blogger-in-residence at the excellent IncWriters this month, and having started with references to Ken Russell, things can only get weirder...