Hand + Star: Launching Today!

Hand + Star (confession: I'm a contributing editor, with articles on Alice Notley and poetry in translation up now) is an "offbeat e-magazine is published by independent poetry producer Penned in the Margins and tak[ing] its name from the Fleet Street workshop of Tudor printer Richard Tottell, whose 1557 Songes and Sonettess popularised the work of Thomas Wyatt and the Earl of Surrey." With a regular BookLust blog, there's no danger that Hand + Star will forget the codex form, but as a digital-native magazine it's realising the radical potential of new communication technology in the same ways that Tottell was doing 450 years ago. You can read the magazine online, subscribe to its RSS feed, and/or join the magazine's Facebook page. Knowing Penned in the Margins, I predict innovative live events and even publications in the offing!