Delirium's Library: July Reviews on the Blog

Seven more books from the stacks this month: I've been thinking and writing about how...

  • Keri Finlayson excavated the (moving) pictures in her grandmother's Rooms
  • many words Sascha Aurora Akhtar can use to form the magical Grimoire of Grimalkin 
  • to pack for the long, dark winter of the soul in Sarah Hesketh's lovely début Napoleon's Travelling Bookshelf
  • reviewers might be tigers and poets might be snails, courtesy of the brilliantly acerbic Dorothea Rosa Herliany in Kill the Radio
  • the war works harder in Dunya Mikhail's poetry than mainstream British verse
  • to cook, eat and/or dance poetry with Lorna Goodison's luscious Guinea Woman
  • another world is possible (through language) in Inger Christensen's book-length sci-fi poem It 

Comments (and suggestions for further reading) welcome!